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I awoke in the morning at Thomson junction at around 6.30am.

I had hoped for a cup of tea in the diner but the guard told me it was shut.

The coaches were in OK condition when I travelled myself in 2001, but admittedly have been let go a bit lately and are now fairly decrepit, given Zim's economic circumstances.

I'm not clear if the wood-panelled 1952 cars are still used, most recent reports have included photos of the 1958 cars. Back to top Traveller Erik Pierson rode the train in late 2017: "We bought first class tickets around lunchtime and got a 2 bed compartment. A man even made our beds for us before the train left.

There was a backpacking couple in the cabin next to me with the rest of the train comprising locals and families visiting home from South Africa. Security in my cabin was fine, with a working lock and a door chain.This is the only time I have written on social media about travel and we have travelled a lot around the world with our children.I vowed I would write because we had such a good time.I had the feeling that the crew on my train were a bit more relaxed and casual about things compared to another train, where I saw the crew smartly dressed in uniforms.Lack of bedding didnt matter to me as I had a sleeping bag.

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Everything worked, linen was delivered and very clean, the train was maybe not so clean, but we could watch the staff disinfecting and cleaning in the morning, so it was acceptable standard. We were very nice to all those helping us in the lead up!

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