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Sage later discovered that Angela spent some time in Fairview, and Wes told Sharon that Angela was wrongly accused of killing her patients, and became close enough to her psychiatrist that she was willing to do anything for them.Sharon and Sage realized that psychiatrist was Sandy Anderson, and wondered what Sandy wanted Angela to do for her.She is later seen with Christian in an undisclosed location, and kept Christian until Dr.Sandy Anderson was ready to give Christian to Sharon Newman.While they were interrogating Dylan, Sharon Mc Avoy called and as soon as she heard Alex's voice, she lied and said "wrong number".Alex noted it was a woman on the other end, and Dylan said it was his boss's right hand woman, Amanda.Ravi Shapur saw it as him disrespecting Ashley as a businesswoman and told Ben off.Ben later shows up in Genoa City again, and Phyllis Abbott talked Ben into investing in Brash & Sassy.

Later, Ben attempted to woo Ashley Abbott with his macho mannerisms.Sage attempted to question Angela another her relationship with Sandy, and when Angela denied it, Sage brought up she knew Angela was accused of euthanizing her patients, and was treated by Sandy, who pulled some strings so Angela could work as nurse.Sage asked Angela how she payed Sandy back, and Angela said she never meant any harm before hurrying off. As Sage was leaving, Angela said Sharon also ordered a DNA test, and got the results that day.Sharon later saw Angela kiss the bartender, Wes, at the Athelic club.She questions Wes about Angela, and he said Sharon had no idea what Angela was capable of.

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Bert thanked Agnes for cleaning up and looking after the baby but he reminded her that money was what they were after. She gave me my name Primrose De Ville" said the baby trafficker. Alex found a bug in Dylan's room, but he covered and said his boss liked to keep an eye on him.

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