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Carlos' gang are brutally slaughtered by Margos Sarkissian's men.Carter, portrayed by Brian Bloom, is a Terminator, whose model type is unknown, that was sent back in time to 2007 by Skynet to acquire and store a large amount of Coltan, the metal used to construct Terminators, in the episode "Heavy Metal".

In the future, he participates in a mission with John of freeing Skynet's prisoners from one of its concentration camps, Century, including Kyle Reese.Cameron identifies his endoskeletal structure as different from Cromartie's.However, when John accidentally is transported inside the secured storage area, he gets trapped with Carter and his men.Years after the event on the Century Workcamp, he sacrifices himself to save Kyle Reese, John Connor, and thirty nine prisoners from Skynet forces.Marty Bedell, portrayed by Billy Unger, is a child targeted by a T-888 because he shares the same name as a future hero of the human resistance.

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