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Two years ago—before Donald Trump was elected president, before white nationalism had become central to the political conversation—Aaron Panofsky and Joan Donovan, sociologists then at the University of California, Los Angeles, set out to study Stormfront forum posts about genetic ancestry tests.

They presented their study at the American Sociological Association meeting this Monday.

“Baked Alaska,” is expected to attend the Boston event along with other right-wing speakers.

“I don’t want them here, we don’t need them here, there’s no reason to be here,” Walsh said, according to the Boston .

Did they bother to tell you that there were whites in what is now Senegal all that time ago? So they led you to believe that you’re mixed even though in all probability, you are simply related to some white fool who left some of his DNA with the locals in what is now Senegal.

Panofsky notes that legitimate scientific critiques are often distorted by a white-nationalist interpretation of history.

Some of the results were 100 percent European, as users expected.

On Stormfront, the researchers did encounter conspiracy theories and racist rants, but some white-nationalist interpretations of genetic ancestry tests were in fact quite sophisticated—and their views cannot all be easily dismissed as ignorance.“If we believe their politics comes from lack of sophistication because they’re unintelligent or uneducated,” says Panofsky, “I think we’re liable to make a lot of mistakes in how we cope with them.”Panofsky, Donovan, and their team of researchers analyzed 3,070 Stormfront posts spanning more than a decade—all from forum threads in which at least one user revealed the results of a DNA test.Genealogy or the so-called mirror test (“When you look in the mirror, do you see a Jew?If not, you’re good”) were better tests of racial purity, some suggested.Law enforcement, city and state officials are said to be preparing for Saturday’s rally in order to keep people safe.But Boston will not be the only city where right-leaning activists will be gathering.

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