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Effluent quality and the related parameters of each system were examined throughout the stable operation period about 4 months and the results are shown in Table 1.Many previous studies have showed the possibility by using MFC for nitrogen removal through SND continue reading nitrification and denitrification process This can directly contribute to the removal of nitrogen.

To this end, polarization and power density curves were generated Fig.

It should be clear that more microbes refer to more secretion of granular activated carbon single chamber microbial fuel cells to extracellular space, resulting in a higher concentration of EPS, which mainly consists of polysaccharide and protein At the upper part of the system i.

However, in terms of the bottom area, the concentration of TEPS sharply decreased from This is different from the previous study on PAC dosage during the ultrafiltration process, where the PAC additions acted as a supporter for microorganisms and the adsorbed dissolved organic matter facilitated their propagation The explanation to this result can be from the of the wastewater treated in the CW-MFC systems.

Unlike the source of water for drinking water treatment, heavy metals and phenols etc.

Therefore, accumulated toxic substances can negatively influence the growth of microorganisms at the bottom of the CW-MFCs.

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CWs have been well recognized and increasingly applied worldwide as an environmentally friendly technology for the treatment of various wastewaters.

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