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N* Randvika's Anastasia, NFO n 24 - Born: 1989-05-23 N*Norodden Frost, NFO n 25 Born: 1997-04-12 - Sex : Male Sire : GIC. S* Tassajara's Santiago, NFO n 22 - Born: 1995-11-12 Dam : N*Norodden Dina, NFO n 09 25 N*Norodden Eirik Blodks, NFO n 09 25 - Sex : Male - Born 1995 Sire : E. S*Bondgrden's Pablo Picasso Dam : Norodden Dina, NFO n 09 25 Dansbjergs Rubi - NFO n 25 - Sex : Female Sire : N* Svartbekken's Vokter Viktor, NFO ns 22 Dam : DK* Dansbjerg's Olga , NFO n 09 25 N* Nilsstra Rasken - NFO n 25 - Sex : Male Sire : N* Trollfjell's Blmann, NFO ns Dam : IC. Often, however, female sexuality becomes a secondary priority, while the image of the naked woman is only too ubiquitous.While there have been shows that celebrated the female libido in the past and present, e.g., came under fire for denying audiences a sex scene from one of its main female protagonists.If you need to do your research about your ideal New York apartment community, or you need up-to-date real estate news, data and other facts, this site also presents you with links to relevant real estate resources in the "About Your Community" section.Hunting for apartments for rent in New York has never been easier!He was adopted with his brother once and they had a dog ...

Ils me reste seulement 2 mâles Red Tabby ( 1 est beaucoup plus pâle (Rose) même si c'est un Red Tabby). I am ten years old and have to find a new home because my owner is very ill and can no longer take care of me. Breed: Tabby Age: Baby Sex: Male Size: MAdoption fee of 155.00$ includes health exam, spay/neuter, microchip, deworming and initial vaccine. Breed: Tabby Age: Baby Sex: Female Size: MCharlie is as cute as a button.

Encore un peu réservée, mais elle fait de très gros progrès. Petit chaton male agé de 14 semaines et presque pret a partir. ce petit garcon a été élevé avec des enfants et deux petits chien alors il n'a peur de ...

Elle est stérélisée et vaccinée, traitée pour les puces et les ... Femelle rousse tabby,yeux vert ,quitte vacciner 3 fois,vermifuger 3 fois ,micro-pucé et stériliser. Breed: Domestic Short Hair Age: Adult Sex: Female Size: M Cassiopee est une magnifique tabby brun poil semi-long.

Les news Les liens Contact Les clubs Les databases Leur histoire La chatterie N*Pan's Quelques novices Les marquages Les couleurs Les x-colors (ambres) avant 2005 Quelques particularits dans la race : Les yeux bleus/vairons les vans et arlequins Les interviews des leveurs/leveuses Les champions du monde Av Fanitullen - NFO n 25 - Born 2002-01-19 - Sex : Female Sire : IC (N) Norodden Eirik Blodks, NFO n 25 Dam : IC Maia av Moltemyr, NFO ns Urielle Delft du Nord, NFO n 25 Born : 2003-05-08 - Sex : Female Sire : Shantou du bois d Atalante, NFO A03 Dam : Pamella Stang Ar Voud - NFO ns 25 Delft du Nord, NFO n 25 Born : 2003-05-08 - Sex : Male Sire : Shantou du bois d Atalante, NFO A03 Dam : Pamella Stang Ar Voud - NFO ns 25 Dina, NFO n 09 25 - Sex : Female Sire : IC. Murphys Bellmondo - NFO n 25 Born : 1996-04-17 Sex - Sex : Male S*Restless Ravenclaw - NFO fs 25 Born : 2002-03-04 - Sex : Female Dansbjergs Buffy - NFO ns 25 Born : 2001-02-16 - Sex : Female Sire : Ante von Tierberg, NFO as 09 Dam : Dansbjergs Rubi, NFO n 25 Pamella Stang Ar Voud - NFO ns 25 Born : 1999-07-16 - Sex : Female Sire : Iguins de Maneskinn, NFO n09 23 Dam : Operette de Stang ar Voud, NFO ns 25 Delft du Nord, NFO ns 09 25 Born : 2003-05-08 - Sex : Female Sire : Shantou du bois d Atalante, NFO A03 Dam : Pamella Stang Ar Voud - NFO ns 25 de Stang ar Voud - NFO ns 25 Born : 1999-07-16 - Sex : Female Sire : Lado Gaute Kongsonn, NFO ns 25 Dam : S*Ambient Final Fantasy, NFO n 24 Lado Gaute Kongsonn, NFO ns 25 Born : 1996-02-22 - Sex : Male Sire : IC.

N* Nilsstra Jesper, NFO ns 25 - Born: 1991-06-02 Dam : Mor CH.

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We have a comprehensive listing of New York apartment and home rentals that include single family rentals, apartment communities, and senior communities.

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