Sex on the campus

Almost immediately I worked out which lectures did not require attendance, the minimum amount of tutorials that I could miss without failing the relevant unit and, most importantly, the time and date of some of the campuses most exclusive parties.

The Big Kahuna night, Fright night (weirdly six months before Halloween), Kilts or shorts night and Drink a Fuck Ton of Beer night (admittedly after a few months the names of the events became increasingly crude and simplistic).

I am toned without a six pack, and fit without being able to run 20km.

The building housing Alexa's party had a gothic façade in keeping within the aesthetic of the campus, but had been built much more recently.Every Friday, Saturday and even on some Wednesdays I attended one or other iteration of the mentioned parties.Some of the more interesting parties of course tended to be off campus either on a boat, or in an underground club, in which some of my friends were able to organise some E tablets.I was about to turn around and head back when, in the corner of my vision, I saw a pink slip of paper stream across the grass.Somehow the wind managed to whip the paper right into my face.

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Editor's note: this is my second story on literotica and one that I hope will have clear improvements in terms of story, structure and actual sex.

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