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We have the curious specta- cle of the principles of a sect once relatively strong finding their way into almost complete ac- ceptance while the body itself has continually Fallowfield Friends' Meeting House. On the other hand we find the followers of the other ten- dency, originally of equal or perhaps greater vi- tality who have grown more and more in numbers and force, while at the same time they have ac- cepted in frank acknowledgment the principles which they once opposed.

The Puritan bodies have deserted their principles and flourished.

George Fox had impressed upon them the idea in his earlier ministry that they were not founding a sect, but preaching a spirit which would gather into its fold in time all the Christian bodies ; and something of this Catholic outlook was still ex- istent.

If we compare the bodies which are the lineal descendants of the Calvinistic conception with those which trace their lineage back to a Quaker ancestry, it would seem at the present time as if the Calvinists held the field, and the Quakers were an insignificant and relatively impotent body.

The Friends, who have always held the triumphant principles, have barely held their own in numbers, and have lost some of their characteristic basis.

The employee is required to be able to talk and hear, and use hands and fingers to handle or feel; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; and stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl.By this time something of the rigidity of New England ortho- doxy had abated and the Friends were spreading at a rapid rate in Rhode Island, Long Island, for fifty miles in every direction from Philadelphia, and to some extent in the South.They were still 48 One Hundredth Anniversary of possessed of some of the enthusiasm which the first generation had brought over from England from the days of their suffering and devoted zeal.Its Godly Commonwealth must be gained, not by legal enforcement, but by spiritual convincement, and where it had control there were no favored churches.Nor was it certain in 1700 which of these two tendencies was likely to prevail.

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Its tendency to literalness was tempered by another doctrine that nothing outward was absolutely es- sential to the reception of divine truth, but that God and man were in direct relation and commu- nion with each other, and the Divine will could be and was received by those who v/ere in a responsive attitude, without the medium of priest or book. It might be, and probably in most cases would be, more or less erro- neous as measured by the standard of abstract truth, but it would tend to rectify itself in so far as it was pure and alert.

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