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These images of the reactor site, some of them classified secret or confidential, are located in State Department records at the National Archives. diplomatic queries about the sale, the government of Israel was evasive in its replies and gave no answers to the U. These nearly unknown documents shed light on one of the most obscure aspects of Israel’s nuclear history-how secretly and vigorously Israel sought raw materials for its nuclear program and how persistently it tried to cultivate relations with certain nuclear suppliers.(Record Group 59, Records of the Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for Atomic Energy and Outer Space, General Records Relating to Atomic Energy, 1948-62, box 501, Country File Z1.50 Israel f. government learned about the facts of the sale through Canadian intelligence and found out even more from its Embassy in Argentina. Yellowcake, a processed uranium ore, was critically important to Israel for fuelling its nuclear reactor at Dimona and thereby for producing plutonium for weapons.

Koop, DSI Report 1/64, March 1964, Secret, enclosed with letter from A. A key question was how the Israelis would reprocess spent fuel into plutonium; Koop cited Israeli-Canadian discussions during Ben-Gurion’s visit in May 1961 when Israeli officials disclosed their intentions to build a “pilot-plant facility” apparently with a capability to produce around 300 grams of plutonium a year.Before Dee Rees was cherry-picked to direct “Empire” and Dustin Lance Black’s “When We Rise,” she wrote and directed the moving story of Alike, a young lesbian who’s trying to come out, fit in, and figure out the perfect soundtrack to her life.While Prime Minister Netanyahu points to the threat of Iran’s non-existant nuclear weapons program, amply documented Israel has developed an advanced nuclear arsenal, in defiance of international law. 432 For more information contact: William Burr: Image: This and the three other photographs of the construction site near Dinoma in the Negev desert for Israel’s then-secret nuclear reactor were taken during 1960. It is likely that these are the photographs described on pages 13 and 14 of that report.According to the initial Canadian information-as well as additional details later gleaned by the U. State Department-in late 1963 Argentina had secretly negotiated a long-term contract with Israel to provide at least 80 tons of yellowcake.While the Americans and the British were initially somewhat skeptical about the accuracy of the Canadian report, subsequent investigations demonstrated that it was correct.

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On this matter there were no leaks; the issue never reached the U. As early as 1949-50, Israel started with a geological survey of the Negev to determine whether and to what extent uranium could be extracted from the phosphates deposits there.

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