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Alice of Namur, wife of Baldwin IV endowed the castle with a chapel dedicated to St. The castle had a park called "Bois du Gard" in which encountered deer, fallow deer and wild game.

The park extended to the southeast (to Beaudignies and the edge of it is met with a mill near wetlands known as "the Pond du Gard".

Le Quesnoy is first attested in forms accompanied by the Latinized name of its alleged founder, called Haymon or Aymond: Haymon Quercitum; (from the Latin ‘quercus' / ‘oak’, a Latin term never imposed in Gaul.

The authorities however took note of this weakness and proposed the Ecaillon canal from Sambre to Scheldt; considered but abandoned because of low water yield in the forest of Mormal.

There is a craft, however, firmly maintained until 1945 when a hundred shoemakers were still identifiable.

In the mid-twelfth century, Count of Hainaut Baldwin IV the builder surrounded the town of Quesnoy with ditches and ramparts and also built in 1150 the castle which became an important the center of the fortifications of the town (now the Centre Cernay and the fire station).

This castle had a tower which together with the rest make up a fortress.

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