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Countries in which Portuguese is the official language are: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, San Tome and Principe (Africa), Brazil (South America) and East-Timor in Asia.Main features Almost all of the great expansion media are integrated in large economic groups (large at a Portuguese level, but with small significance at a European level), a trend which started to consolidate since the middle 1980s, resulting from the introduction of liberal policies strongly influenced by the European Union and the switches in property of the main newspapers from the hands of traditional families to large groups.Television still captures the main slice of ad revenues (according to Marktest, 71 percent in 2008, which amounts to 3.3 billion euro), followed by the press (18 percent, which sums up to 835 million euro).Around 40 percent of the advertising investment in the press is allocated to general information publications, 20 percent to local and regional press and 13 percent to feminine, society and television magazines.

It borders Spain to the North and East and the Atlantic Ocean to the West and South.Not only are readers defecting to the Internet, as they are elsewhere, but relatively few people ever picked up a paper to begin with.And print advertising has plunged by more than 40 percent this year.” The investors and editor of are optimistic about the future and in fact the newspaper has increased its average circulation: in its fourth month (August 2009) the daily reached 16,340 copies.In a country historically associated with weak newspaper reading habits and persistent illiteracy, the crisis affecting the written press has been especially harsh also due to the downsizing of paid circulation, the increasing preference for online media, especially among the youngest people, the fierce competition of free newspapers, and the decrease of ad revenues due to the economic recession.The uncertainty regarding the future of print papers is pushing editorial enterprises to broaden their scope and diversify their editorial strategies, to some extent in creative ways, reinforcing traditional brands within a multimedia environment or creating new editorial projects.

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