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The films soundtrack and background score were composed by Justin Prabhakaran with Lyrics By Vaali & Justin Prabhakaran Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976.

Music for the film was composed by debutant Justin Prabhakaran and editing by A.

Pannaiyar is shocked to hear about the loss of his friend, at the same time he feels sad to part with the car.

So Pannaiyar is determined to learn driving and asks Murugesan to train him.

Murugesan fears that he will have no job with the car if Pannaiyar starts driving, so he delays and procrastinates as much as he can. One night, Chellamma requests her husband to learn driving before their wedding anniversary so that they can go to the temple together and he obliges.

As days pass by, Panniyar, Chellamma and Murugesan become more and more attached to the car and are dreading to part with it if at all Shanmugam comes to take it someday.

Chellamma is the sensible person out of the three, so she distances herself and on one occasion she refuses to even get in the car and when Pannaiyar asks why, she replies that she will get into the car only on the day when Pannaiyar drives it.

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One day, Pannaiyar's daughter Suja comes home and when she sees they have bought the car, she fights with her parents and says that a third person like Murugesan is using the car for driving around his girlfriend and demands that she wants to take it to her house.

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