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A razão dos gamers transarem tanto pode estar atrelada ao jeito como tratam suas mulheres na hora do sexo. Hipster, Internet, and Memes: Diablo Gamers fazem mais sexo do que marombeiros, diz pesquisa @curiosoinforma Uma pesquisa feita com 2.357 mulheres em relacionamento sério mostra que os gamers são os que mais fazem sexo com suas namoradas.

some chav walked up to me and tried starting a fight not realising the guy behind me was my brother lol (my brother looks nothing like me so I don't blame him he pulled some tiny ass 2" dull ass "knife", fucking pissed my self and l was laughing so hard and said nice cocktail stick and he pulled it up to me then my bro walks around (he bodybuilds) the chav guy literally dropped the knife and fucking ran for his life and he tripped like 4 times within 20 seconds.BARRED STARING PERUERT alsayp comes in crash halme JASON ADAM THE DEAF GUY 5401? Soia 8 MILLER ONE ARMED KIETH MICKEY TWO SUITS FAT PAUL VITRIOLIC QUEEN..: OOHH IT' S NOT HOXTON THE GLASWEGIAN THE GINGER DRUNK TWAT CALLED ANGUS JULIA TANT. DEAD RING OKE FEND ARRED HREATENN REGULARS LSE THE EX. A razão dos gamers transarem tanto pode estar atrelada ao jeito como tratam suas mulheres na hora do sexo. I know most normal people will have sex as a normal part of life. Para chegar a esse número, os pesquisadores somaram a quantia dita pelas mulheres e dividiram pelo número de respostas.

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