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The aboriginal vocabulary, which is one of the trademarks of Australian English, included billabong (a waterhole), jumbuck (a sheep), corroboree (an assembly), boomerang (a curved throwing stick), and budgerigar (from budgeree, “good” and gar, “parrot”).

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the Australian population were either convicts, ex-convicts or of convict descent.

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With foodstuffs Australian English tends to be more closely related again to the British vocabulary, e.g. However, in a few cases such as zucchini, snow pea and eggplant Australian English uses the same terms as the Americans, whereas the British use the equivalent French terms courgette, mange-tout and do not care whether eggplant or aubergine is used.

There is not and cannot be any doubt that there is a great respect for Australian English in the English-speaking world.

The Australian vowel system is quite different from other varieties.

Other standard varieties have tense vowels, lax vowels, and diphthongs. Vowels next to a nasal consonant tend to retain the nasality more than in RP: such words as down and now are often strongly nasalised in the broad accent, and are the chief reason for the designation of this accent as a twang.

There are a few exceptions, of which the best known is swag meaning “a bundle of personal belongings” in standard Australian.

Swagman, billy, jumbuck, tucker-bag and Some elements of Aboriginal languages, as has already been mentioned, have been incorporated into Australian English, mainly as names for the indigenous flora and fauna (e.g.

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