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He was being trained by Alexander Shakarov during this time.In 1978, Kasparov participated in the Sokolsky Memorial tournament in Minsk.He first qualified for the Soviet Chess Championship at age 15 in 1978, the youngest ever player at that level.He won the 64-player Swiss system tournament at Daugavpils on tiebreak over Igor V. Kasparov rose quickly through the World Chess Federation rankings.The next year, 1980, he won the World Junior Chess Championship in Dortmund, West Germany.Later that year, he made his debut as second reserve for the Soviet Union at the Chess Olympiad at Valletta, Malta, and became a Grandmaster."I will remember the Sokolsky Memorial as long as I live", he wrote.

Cohen, whom he describes as a Soviet and Russian apologist.

Starting with an oversight by the Russian Chess Federation, he participated in a grandmaster tournament in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (then part of Yugoslavia), in 1979 while still unrated (he was a replacement for Viktor Korchnoi who was originally invited but withdrew due to threat of boycott from the Soviets).

Kasparov won this high-class tournament, emerging with a provisional rating of 2595, enough to catapult him to the top group of chess players (at the time, number 15 in the world)).

Phobiarama, the new “living installation” by Verhoeven, will appear in front of the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.

A visit tot this sinister fairground ride is an excursion through the current culture of fear.

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For the occasion of SPRING in autumn and the Impakt Festival 2017 artist Dries Verhoeven will once more present his much-praised installation Phobiarama.

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