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A: We cook-they eat; we clean-they dirty; we iron-they wrinkle. Q: How do you keep your husband from reading your e-mail? Q: What do bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers all have in common? Q: How does a man show he's planning for the future? “My wife says….”Why do female black widow spiders kill the males after mating? Why does it take 100 million sperm to fertilize one egg? After getting laid, they take a long time to get hard. They look nice and shiny until you bring them home. They’ll do whatever you say if you push the right buttons. The best part of having either one is the games you can play. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on. Q: What's the difference between a man and a condom?

Why do men need sports action replays 30 seconds after the event? What do you instantly know about a well-dressed man? What does it mean when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name?

Q: Why do only 10 percent of men make it to heaven?

A: They're hard to get started, they emit noxious fumes, and half the time they don't work.

Because he needed a rough working model before creating the perfect specimen of the species.

What is the one thing that all men at singles bars have in common?

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