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Well to make a long story short, I met Eric for lunch, he was looking dam good, rock hard abs, nice skin tight shirt, well groomed as usual!

I was like dam, I didnt expect him to look so good, he must have lost 30 pounds since I last saw him.

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I started cumming instantly, I could feel him breathing on my neck as he pulled my hair and moaned, "take every inch of this black dick bitch, you know you like this shit"! My pussy was eating up his big black dick, and I couldnt stop feeling guilty about cheating on the man, who wants to marry me for the rest of my life! He pushes me on the bed and reinserts his big ass dick inside of me! Cum on my face, pussy, tits I dont care, but please, please not inside of....... Since then my boyfriend and I have only had sex one time and he came in 5 minutes.

LOL, well today is your lucky day because the hairy pussy jerk off video is finally online, and is guaranteed to make you blow a huge fucking load all over the keyboards! I guess minus the fact that he is not a millionaire who could afford an Hermes handbag for me on the spot, but other than that, he is perfect.

Members login and download this classic fetish flick now! He cooks, he cleans, he puts up with my bad temper, he buys me what I want, and my parents love him. During our 2 and a half year mark, I asked to go on a break before we continue on our serious relationship route.

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He doesnt live in my city anymore, he told me he was going to be in town for a few days and wanted to have lunch with me and catch up on old times.

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