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Ha Ha Ha I'm yet to meet any person that wasn't nice to me when they saw a possibility of cash being transfered from my hands to theirs- Always pay the original creditor directly, & let the nd party collectors worry about collecting their service fees from the original creditor They like to call local business & prank them- Its really NOT funny- It takes time out of my work day to answer a call & its harassment I don't appreciate it & I'm sure the other business you have done it to did not either I received a call from , regarding an alledged "bad check" written to a merchant- When I told "Heather" that I didn't write any bad check to any merchant, she became very assertive and rude, and I should call her at , ext today, or she would call back with further action-I checked with "Todd" at my bank, and he advised me of a scam where someone was trying to obtain information - ie, pfishing - to do some real damage-I received a similar call earlier this week, but it did not show the phone on caller ID- The caller was asking about a specific family member- So I gave the family member the toll free shown above to call and find out what the problem was- When the allegation of bad check passing came up, my daughter said she was turning the whole thing over to her attorney, and the person did not call her back - instead the name changed to me as the bad check passer- My daughter told me, this caller asked for information about me Got this call today-Sounded % like an automated female voice to me- Went into the schpiel about a government grant available for replacing appliances over twelve years old- Then said "want to get started saving money and the planet?' I said "F*&% you robot"And she said "there is a live person here"It sounded % like an automated voice or a soundboard to me- I reiterated my "F you" and she said "are you still there?Generale, la gestione operativa degli affari assicurativi all’estero e della riassicurazione, in Italia e all’estero, nonché delle relative attività a ciò strumentali, tra le quali, a titolo esemplificativo e non esaustivo, rientrano: l’attività delle società di servizi comuni, la direzione ed il coordinamento - anche per i profili relativi alla gestione delle risorse umane - delle società assicurative all’estero e di quelle riassicurative, in Italia e all’estero; la responsabilità delle attività tecniche ed attuariali di Gruppo.It is above all in exercising his own ministry, inspired by imitation of the charity of the Good Shepherd, that the Bishop is called to be sanctified and to sanctify, taking as his unifying principle contemplation of the face of Christ and the proclamation of the Gospel of salvation.48 His spirituality, therefore, draws direction and nourishment not only from the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation but also from his episcopal ordination, which commits him to living out in faith, hope and charity his ministry of evangelization, È soprattutto nell'esercizio del proprio ministero, ispirato all'imitazione della carità del Buon Pastore, che il Vescovo è chiamato a santificarsi e a santificare, avendo come principio unificante la contemplazione del volto di Cristo e l'annunzio del vangelo della salvezza.48 La sua spiritualità, pertanto, oltre che dal sacramento del Battesimo e della Confermazione, attinge orientamenti e stimoli dalla stessa Ordinazione episcopale che lo impegna a vivere nella fede, nella speranza e nella carità il proprio ministero di evangelizzatore, The Participants accept to assign to Campagnolo all rights to the use of their image during the Course alone and/or together with other images and/or their personal data, without any limit with regard to place, use, time and means and for the promotion of the Campagnolo products, the Course and Campagnolo in general, among which the diffusion of the Participant’s image on the websites in the newspaper and magazines and in general through any other form or means of communication and to waive as from now to claim or make any demand, also Il Partecipante accetta di cedere a Campagnolo ogni e più ampio diritto all’utilizzo della propria immagine durante il Corso da sola e/o in combinazione con altre immagini e/o con i suoi dati personali, senza alcun limite di luogo, di uso, di tempo e di mezzi e per finalità di promozione dei prodotti Campagnolo, del Corso e in genere di Campagnolo, tra cui la diffusione dell’immagine del Partecipante sul sito internet sulla stampa quotidiana e periodica e in generale su ogni altra forma o mezzo di comunicazione e di rinunciare fin da ora ad avanzare e far avanzare qualsivoglia pretesa,fact that he/she enjoys a business relationship with the Fiat Industrial Group, in order to trade, directly or indirectly, shares in a company of the Fiat Industrial Group or other companies or in any case to obtain a personal advantage, or to favour third Gruppo Fiat Industrial, o per il fatto di essere in rapporti d’affari con il Gruppo Fiat Industrial, per negoziare, direttamente o indirettamente, azioni di una Società del Gruppo Fiat Industrial o di altre Società o comunque per trarne un vantaggio personale, così come per favorire altri terzi.So I hung up, he immediately called back and I said I wasnt interested, to remove my number from his list, and he said why- I hung up again- What a creep Received call inquiring whether I had recently received a letter indicating that I could lower my interest rates on my Visa Mastercard account- Caller did non specify what card he was referring to, leading me to believe that this was an attempt at phishing out personal data Another scammer-Called from a VOIP (internet) number- Most likely a throw-away number, registered in New Jersey-People: don't answer phone numbers you don't recognize It only confirms to the scammer that you are a live person, and a future potential victim- Scammers sell these phone numbers on what is called "sucker lists", to the next scammer-Be smart DEFINITELY a scammer- I just fell for this scam- He told me his name was Dale Wilson, but I looked up his number and found this- I was skeptical from the jump, so I took pictures and got all my evidence- I hope no one else is as gullible Message that was left said it was in reference to a property and gave the address- Caller said matter had been forwarded to them for possible legal action against the person and property then gave this number to call in hours supposedly the firm that is handling the matter- This has happened once before- The person that this message was intended for reported it to the county sheriff and was told it was a scam I also received this call at : in the morning- I am really sick and tired of this, someone has obviously sold my number to a call list- I'd love to find this jerk's home phone number and call him in the middle of the night several nights in a row like they do to me I received a call from this number and they had dialed the wrong number didn't offer to sell me anything, but I thought I should post this up- Cincinnati Car Insurancefreecincinnaticarinsurancequotes-org Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH These people called my husband and totally freaked him out that I was going to be served (that thurs or fri between noon and pm) and sued in small claims court - said call , immediately and gave a docket number as reference- I called them - they asked is this name?

I told him that i could not right now he said so you refuse and i said no ic annot afford it i am a single mother of - he said hold on then he put another guy on the phone named Mark Simon he got on the phone and became very rude bringing up A checking acount that i supposily have which i dont then started saying how do i survive how do i live?They don't his response "that's what everyone says who doesn't want to take care of their obligations" I've never not paid a bill so he can just stuff it and sue me - it's been days since he called and no process server AND my husband and I were home both days they threatened to come I keep getting calls from the number , when I answer nobody picks up- I am on the no-call list and I have no idea how they can still call me- When I call back I get the unable message also- Where can I report the number?I already am on no call so apparentlyt this doesnt help anyway The callers have no idea if the company donates money to the cause, nor do they know how much the call center takes out of the donation for their time-I never give to charity from a cold call, the call centers usually get more than % of the money raised- If you want to donate to a charity, call that charity personally or go to their website to donate-These call centers are for hire, they make calls for thousands of different companies or charities, it isn't just a call center for one business I get the exact same thing- I do believe once tonight I heard a mans voice on the other end for a brief moment but in general it's like a never ending bad pocket dial-I blocked the number with a call blocking app, then it stopped for a few months, now it's back again-I call it back and I always get dead air, someone picks up but never answers- It says it's a land line number from AT&T (Old Pac Bell line)- I thought about using one of those reverse look up sites to get his address and throwing him a good ole fashioned "pizza party"Get a call at least twice a day from various numbers, but theyndo not leave a message.This may be the same person I told in the past (I get spam calls from many numbers daily) to stop calling and he argued with me and was very inappropriate with comments about how he can't stop calling because he likes the sound of my voice-I am so sick of these calls Its fake-Did you give them any personal informain?They usually ask for a credit card number or checking account number "for identification" or to pay for shipping and handling charges- If you gave them an account number close the account- Do it now- The scammer who sent the message will use the information to spend all of your money Just received a call from , on my cell phone- The man had a very thick accent and claimed to be calling on behalf of the Bank of Canada with a promotion- Told him I wasn't interested and he became very annoyed with me- Clearly a scam as this call came from Jamaica Some guy named Paul called my teen daughter and asked what she was wearing- He repeatedly asked her if she wanted to have phone sex- He told her he could help her with her debt if she sent him pictures of her Got a call from this number- It was automated about how to credit lower my credit card interest- When I called back, it was a voicemail of some guy named brad I think- It's a telemarketing scam, block the #You never received a call from my telephone, however a Harris county sheriff, did call a guy, pertaining to several calls to me, on sarcastic threats, and telephone harassment calls, criminal trespass, the sheriff's name is DEPUTY T-Faushtenbery, Unit N, and by the way my last name is LOVEThis is Market Force, a company that pays people to do onsite shopping for clients- You, as the "shopper" go to a store, restaurant, etc-, and do research as to the nature of the customer service and products being offered by the client- The shopper grades the performance of employees, knowledge, service times, etc Annoying calls all hours of the day and night- Whenever you answer there will never be anyone on the line- Whenever you try to call the number back you never get anyone, because it sounds like an automatic dialer on the line- If you wait on the line a while the line will disconnect and then you will hear it begin to dial another number- This continues over and over again We are actually receiving calls to our number, which is ,people calling trying to get a hold of these people- I tried calling lend america to find out if they had the wrong number on their website and they sent me into terminal ring land Register your phone number here for the National Do Not Call List - Canada:www-lnnte-dncl-gc-ca insnum-regnum-eng If you had done so already, then file a complaint here:www-lnnte-dncl-gc-ca plt-cmp-eng La version canadienne-française langue ici:www-lnnte-dncl-gc-ca index-fra This is a rep from Market Force, a mystery shopping company- I do mystery shopping for them- They are calling because they are looking to fill a mystery shop "job" right away- They don't leave a voice message because they are calling a list of people and they will get someone that will take the job- If they left a voice message, they would get a call back later and just end up telling the caller that the "job" has been filled-Now that I understand their process I know to put this number in my caller ID and call them right back Someone I know got a call from a Mike Watson from Microsoft- Said that the person's Microsoft licence is illegal and will send the RCMP (Canada) to their house- Took control of the computer and now nothing works- He left the same phone number Got a call from this number tonight ,phone rang times, I picked up and no one answered- I called the number (,) back (it was on my caller ID) to tell whoever it was that I am on the do not call registry and got this recording "The number you have reached, has been disconnected-" Wow-I don't get that at all Had a call from , the caller left a rude message saying this number is under investigation and if I was hearing this message I had to call back with in the hrs of - , I called back and a recorded message said to leave a message and tell them my phone number they will call me back,the company was America's Network Incorporated,all I know is there is no one in this house under investigation and it is a scam I receive calls from Hachette Mags a lot- I seem to be on a timer- I have gotten a call at : PM the last days- Today is Saturday; they called at : AM- I am on a do not call list and don't want any more calls Called me, no message- Phone app says new jersey some buisness called teleclove investments- Sounds like a loan shark- Attempting to search for thw buisness I found no official websitwe bur plenty of complaints ok including an F rating by the BBBI just had a "Thompson Blake" craigslist email encounter myself- I only just realized that it was really obviously a scam, but I already emailed him my name address phone#etc- Can he really do anything serious with that info though?

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