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Make a list (from the phone book and from what you know) of associations, clubs, organizations and churches in your nearby areas and what might they need, want or buy?Make a list of needs in your community that are obvious based on time of year, holidays, activities that are happening now or in the near future, current concerns and needs you know are there. If you only need the resource of money and you’ve made these lists, then what?Maybe they will share their booth for someone to help set-up, break down and watch their space part of the time.

This is the basis of acquiring money as a resource anytime, anyplace, anywhere right now.

Some shipping companies are turning to private security for help.

*** See the latest statistics on piracy from the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau.

Find which ideas make the most money for the time put in them. Find which ideas can be done starting now with what you’ve got – put a star next to the ones of those that you like the most (even if they have a check mark beside them).

Find which ideas will make money the closest to now – the fastest to return immediate money, (give them another star in the left margin).

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