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The more informed people are, less trash talk will come out from their mouths. Today the show will air and you will know a little more about Jason and myself, Yes, I can be explosive. Everything starts early, at and we finish at the most of times. The good part about this all is that you get visibility. 🙂 I confess you that I didn’t watch the first season of the show.The bad part is that people judge you for 20 seconds of video. And when you give interviews people change the words you said just because the publicity, But yet, this is an unforgettable experience. So I really didn’t know that it was kinda famous here and the most of comments about people on the show were not good. They talk without having a logical thinking and without a good argument to sustain the opinion. With anything, one will have supporters and one will have detractors. The upcoming negative comments I will only scoff and laugh at.

Go to the government site, read articles, but BE INFORMED.

Alex is adjusting well to small town life and the roll of being a step-father.

However, when Alex takes in a new up and coming artist, who is young, beautiful and tempting, will Abby be able to trust him or will Alex f Abby and Alex are learning to navigate their new relationship.

Tudo começa bem cedo (10h30 da manhã, sim, é cedo pra mim) e termina tipo 19hs nos dias “normais”. A parte boa disso tudo é que você ganha visibilidade.

A parte ruim é que as pessoas te julgam por apenas 20 segundos de vídeo. A parte ruim é que você dá entrevistas e as pessoas distorcem as suas palavras.

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