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The Domain of the Cat-Goddess, Bastet - Daniela Rosenow looks at the substantial remains in and around the Great Temple of Bubastis, sacred to Bastet, in the Delta city that still bears her name, Tell Basta.

News from Egypt - The magazines Egypt Correspondent brings the latest news from Egypt which includes the uncovering of the complete Neferhotep I double statue at Karnak, other finds and discoveries in the temple of Karnak and on the West Bank at Luxor and a full report on Egypts newest museum, the Imhotep Museum at Saqqara The Ancient Stones Speak - Hieroglyph teacher Pam Scott gives an introduction to reading and understanding the hieroglyphic inscriptions.Daily life objects in ancient Egyptian tombs: behind the myth - Perhaps you associate Egyptian burials with objects of daily life?Wolfram Grajetski takes a surprising new look at an apparently well-known matter.Ancient Egyptian Technology - In his third and final article on ancient technology, Denys Stocks shows how the ancient Egyptians had mass-production techniques for cutting and carving the hardest of stones.Recent explorations in the Abusir Pyramid Field - Professor Miroslav Verner gives an account of over forty years of work at the Old Kingdom pyramid field of Abusir, and of the many important discoveries made there more recently.

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