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Inspired by a conversation in another thread "Classify this Mulatto" by kilmetro7.What are the perceptions of beauty in your society, both male and female, and what are some of the physical and personality preferences?and Like Incanal said, Males: Not too amerindian Females: Not too amerindian All we have to do is look at the depictions inscribed on temple walls and sculpture, paintings and physical descriptions of people, mythological or non-mythological in Indic literature especially so the world famous work on aesthetics and sexual behavior, the Kama Sutra to know the ideal idea of beauty among Indians.As far as women are concerned, one invariably reads of or sees a woman that is heavy breasted, with a languorous gait, large or wide hips, with overall full features coupled with either sharp or slightly infantile/soft features and appealing facial features as an expression of the same ideal.Lighter skin; caramel and lighter -- (dark chicks get love too, but if the 2 are equally matched the fair one will get chosen) -- (I've noticed many lighter males going after the darker females though.

shoulders, impressive height (tall), and short hair are also pluses for men.But that preference is obviously due to relatively recent western social influences.I know that among the Hausa-Fulani, reddish-medium brown women are preferred over both darker and lighter skinned women. Males: Not too amerindian Females: Not too amerindian :lol: This may come off as pan-ethnocentric, but imo Latin Americans in general probably have the largest range of what they would consider beautiful. The standard of attractiveness for Men and Women would most consistently be the "Royal" Kriol look...There are of course influences and infusions, but in general they have little in common and are certainly not the same people.Can I just ask why you consistently talk about both North Africans and SSA people in all of your posts as if they were the same people.

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